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To be successful in today’s competitive environment, you must consistently provide superior services and products in all of your operations, especially in food and beverage management. I believe that the customer satisfaction level often depends not only on the experience at your establishment but also on the services received. It is, therefore, critical that you provide services and products that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations while also meeting bottom-line results.

Food Management

The most critical aspects of any food operation are the consistency of product quality and service and long-term profitability supported with food cost-control systems from the point of purchase to food preparation to guest services. Therefore, now more than ever, a partnership between your business and a consulting service could be key to tapping new resources that will keep your establishment growing.

Beverage Management

The most profitable department is often the most neglected, simply because the operator or the management staff lacks fundamental knowledge about the beverage business. Trust my experience and capabilities to serve your needs and enhance the benefits of your bottom-line results. Let me reveal to you the hidden traps, seal the leak holes, and keep the takers at bay.

Catering Sales

The number-one profit center of a hotel is its rooms, and catering is the second most profitable operation. Therefore, to plan and manage catering functions, the catering staff must have extensive knowledge of sales, service, the use of function spaces, food production, menu planning, and cost control.


The vision of a successful operation is to know what it will take to drive new business to your establishment now, not tomorrow. Therefore, to be competitive, you must stay in the game in these difficult times. You cannot get to second base if one foot is still on first. For that reason, sales and marketing strategies reflect an awareness of the competitive market segment and customers’ interests. It is crucial, therefore, to effectively market and advertise your products that will bring new customers to your property.

Financials Management

During the day-to-day operation of your business, it can sometimes be difficult to step back and see the big picture regarding your established operating systems and procedures. My expertise includes but is not limited to cost control and other specific areas including inventory control, departmental profit, staffing and labor planning, departmental budgeting, operating supplies, internal controls, and other areas that may be of concern to you.

Training and Development

Every business needs employee training that relates to its industry, especially in the hospitality industry. In the past two decades, the hospitality industry has invested an enormous amount of money in new structured buildings and technology in all sectors; however, one area that has failed miserably is the effective training, retraining, and retaining of employees, especially within the food and beverage division.

Critical Performance Areas in Which I Can Help You to Improve……But there are many more, of course

  • Food and beverage controls from the point of purchase to the service guests
  • Sales strategies, and profit management enhancement opportunities
  • Operations reduction costs; labor and inventory management analysis
  • Menu management, pricing, sales mix, design, merchandising
  • Product knowledge and suggestive selling; Sale it, still have it or waste it
  • Asset protection: Preventing pilferage and fraud; can’t happen to me – Not in my house
  • Budget process, cover forecasting and food and beverage sales
  • Catering Sales enhancement opportunities, and best practices for a profitable operation
  • Internal and external customer service and retention strategies
  • Food safety and sanitation; ServSafe Certified
  • Serving Alcohol with Care; Certified Tips Trainer


“My Hospitality Experience Is Your Financial Gain.
Passion for Customer Service and Bottom Line Results”

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